More is Less (for me) Online

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

It freaks me out slightly when I realize that I’ve had a personal website in one form or another for over a decade and a half.

New Website

It freaked me out a lot when I realized just how outdated my site really was. As was my business website. As were my blogs. I’d been working so hard for other people, that I had no time to organize my own online presence.

As a serial entrepreneur, style expert, consultant and writer, I’m many things to many different people, corporations and institutions. I became somewhat cocky and took for granted the fact that most of my business is word of mouth. When attending events or conferences, I’m generally a speaker or panelist or known entity. I became spoiled and assumed that people who knew me, knew me and that that was good enough.

Only it really wasn’t.

In ignoring my own professional online reputation, I was sending an unintentional dual message to potential clients – that I was out of touch or didn’t really care about attracting them. Neither of those things are true.

I devoted a good part of the last few months rethinking not only my business brand, but my personal brand as well. I lecture on both subjects at top universities, yet have been operating at such a breakneck speed that I haven’t had time for my own.

While I’d been using one URL for my personal site since the early nineties, I realized it was time for a change. I also realized that my business was due for a makeover, and that people sometimes got confused when face with the many elements of my professional self.

While my original intention was to combine all of my professional elements, I realized that as a long-term business and search engine optimization strategy it would be a better idea for me to organize each of my business elements separately. Instead of paring down, I chose to update by deleting blogs that didn’t move my business forward, starting targeted ones, breaking down and polishing up each unique element of my professional selves. It would also save me time in explaining each unique element of what I do, or waiting for people to discover it on their own.

My strategy wouldn’t work for personal possessions, and it likely wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s been a great way to generate online traffic, organize the elements of my brands and offer a simple and elegant approach to attracting more business or simply offering controlled information about myself and my business.

In case you’re wondering: is my new online hub is my marketing business covers my cosmetic industry expertise is my writing site

Craft or Clutter?

October 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

I like to joke that I was born into sales, which is mostly true.

Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men

Image by liquidindian via Flickr

When I was two years old my mother opened her first business, a yarn and crafting shop. I’d sit attentively at her side as she gave instructions, paired colors and otherwise helped women (and the infrequent, but brave men inspired by Rosey Grier) learn to beautify their worlds through the art of crafts.

While crafting is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, for me it’s always been a lifelong hobby, if not obsession. I’m constantly amazed at the magic of taking threads, canvas or paint and weaving, winding or daubing them into beautiful or useful objects.

Like most crafty people, I’ve amassed a collection of half-started projects over the years. While I’ve finished too many to count, I’m constantly haunted by the ghosts of non-finished needlepoints, half-painted canvases or long forgotten granny squares.

There’s no craft too arcane that I haven’t made at least an initial attempt to master it (yup, even lampshade making). My hall closet is crowded with unpainted canvases and I have a trunk full of hat making supplies.

Like most crafty people, I also suffer from the urge to buy supplies when inspiration hits and then watch them languish when I can’t quite recall their original purpose.

One of the hardest things I’ve faced in my quest to declutter is deciding what to do with my abundance of crafts materials. Are they masterpieces waiting to happen, or yet more masses of tiny objects conspiring to crowd me in?

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