The Conflicted Minimalist Manifesto

The Manifesto will grow as the clutter clears, but to start off, I’m not great at following rules- hence the conflict. I am however, great at accomplishing things – hence the manifesto.

To inspire, reinforce or simply act as a reminder that my ultimate goal is


The rules are simple- you make them up as you go along.

These are some helpful, aspirational guidelines that I’ve created to help me achieve a better balance between enjoying life and being overwhelmed by my acquisitions and connections:

1. To quote designer William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” If it depresses you or drags you down, it has no place in your living space.

2. Meaningful Trumps Adorable: If there’s only room for one souvenir, favorite accessory or household item, it should be the one with a history and not the trendiest version of what you already own.

3. As my mother always says, “Don’t treat your belongings better than you treat yourself.” In other words, if you love it- use it. Don’t put it away to wear or use for special occasions. Chances are you’ll forget about it or grow to resent it.

4. Clutter Free Weekends: to that end, one hour each Saturday or Sunday devoted to clearing the visible clutter

5. Delete Then Repeat: Aim for a clutter free inbox as well. Don’t hold onto old messages in the hopes that they’ll prove inspirational. Classify them, clarify them and then archive or delete if they prove not to be useful.

6. Tech Not Dreck: It’s fine to be aware of every single new tech toy that hits the market. It isn’t fine though, to randomly acquire every updated gadget. There has to be a real need for new technology and not simply the desire to be more in than the in crowd.

7. Junk Food is Junk: I will try to remember to treat my ultimate living space- my body with more respect. I will become even more vigilant about avoiding prepared or overly processed foods or anything that looks suspiciously red or shiny.

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